Typically held on the third Friday of each month at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM in the Board Room, Sennott Square.

In this seminar series, senior students and faculty present their latest research and new ideas on any topic related to computer systems, including security, operating systems, computer architecture, compilers, networks and more! The seminar is highly interactive and all are welcome to attend. Hopefully the series will lead to more and larger collaborations among students and faculty from different research groups.

Fall 2015

September 25

Bridging the Divide Between HPC and Commodity System Software

Jack Lange

October 16

Share Simulations and Results Anywhere at Anytime with Anyone

Bruce Childers

November 20

Title to be determined

Wonsun Anh

December 18

Scheduling in Asymmetric Computing

Daniel Mossé

Spring 2016

January 15

Handling Big Streaming Data in AQSIOS

Panos Chrysanthis

February 19

Graph Partitioning

Alexandros Labrinidis

March 18

Title to be determined

Adam Lee

April 15

Designing Competitive Dense Phase Change Memory

Youtao Zhang

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